One of my goals (not resoluations) for 2012 is to write more. Not a novel, screenplay, or treatise on the meaning of life. Just more general writing. I, like many writers I know, have a difficult time sitting down with a blank piece of paper in front of me and filling it with anything worth looking back on and enjoying.

In my whole life I have only written 3-4 things that I am actually proud of. One was a Carebear Newsletter when my parents bought our very first computer about a decade and a half ago; an exegesis paper in college; a senior paper (it felt like a mini-book); and a short story that I lost when I deleted my MySpace account last year. That is not a very good track record for someone who has been reading and trying to write for almost her whole life.

I hope to use this blog to carve out a little space for my thoughts (and pictures, videos, and weblinks) about things that make me happy.